FAST is your Friendly Assessment of Security and Threats

FAST is a methodology to simplify the lives of developers and product manufacturers.

We designed FAST to inform the decision-process and speed up the adoption of security-by-design.

FAST relies on a simple survey to perform an automatic threat modeling and elaborate a list of security measures adapted to your use-case.

This proof-of-concept focuses on IoT security. Give it a try, it's free and we don't retain any data.

IoT Product Description

For each of the questions below, please pick one answer. If your product has a multiple usages, please choose the last answer.

Who will use the IoT product? *

Where will this IoT product be installed? *

Development process

Who will install the product? *

How long is the support period planned for? *

Note: this usually goes until the end-of-life of the product

Ecosystem and Data

For the questions below, select the relevant answers.

Applications and Services

Is there a web interface?

This is generally used for administration purposes

Does the product collect personal data?

Does the product collect telematics or usage data?

Device Usage and Functionalities

If you don't know which functionalities your product will contain, you can select functionalities present in similar products.

How powerful is the device? *

Sensors and Actuators


How is firmware updated?

Are physical interfaces accessible to the user?